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TEDtalk #5 – Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend


I love this talk!

Stress doesn’t kill you, believing that stress is bad is what kills you! That’s priceless!

I love how she’s correcting years of believing and telling people that stress is bad.

What I love most about this video is that it illustrates all the misconceptions that get created and expanded upon incorrectly because of our lack of knowledge and understanding, and then when we learn more, we realize that what we know has been wrong all this time!

Or at least, not completely accurate.

In fact, I feel that a lot of people’s beliefs and attitudes in general has gotten more positive over the last few years ever since The Secret came out. People feel more in control of their thoughts and emotions, and realize that being in control of their thoughts and emotions do translate over to being in control of their environments and situations.

It would definitely be interesting to see what else we can learn about other body functions that we previously thought might’ve been bad for us, but actually aren’t.

Kelly McGonigal also wrote a book about the science of willpower, called The Willpower Instinct, and there’s a nice write-up about it on Ted.com about how we can make it work for us in keeping our resolutions.

Makes lots of sense, and it definitely helps with my own tweaking of my 2014 resolutions.

One of my unwritten resolution is to be kinder to myself and to be flexible with correcting mistakes that I make, so it really does make a difference, knowing what works and what doesn’t.